Hylands assists Taodu Investment in successfully issuing CNY 2 billion corporate bonds again


Recently, the project of non-public offering of corporate bonds by Jiangsu Taodu Urban Development Investment Co. Ltd. (Taodu Investment) in 2019 passed the examination of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and another CNY 2 billion corporate bonds were successfully issued. Attorney Lingxiao MAO, a partner of Hylands’ Nanjing Office, led the project team to act as the special legal adviser for the offering of corporate bonds. Up to now, Hylands’ Banking and Financial Securities Team has assisted the principal in issuing various types of bonds amounting to nearly CNY 20 billion.

As one of the core businesses of Hylands, the banking and financial business covers daily compliance review, investment and financing transaction structure design, credit structure building, pre-project negotiation, due diligence, drafting of documents in Chinese and English, consultation and research related to national laws, regulations, and policies, etc. Under the complicated legal and regulatory environment of banking and financial business, Hylands has established smooth communication channels with financial regulators and industry associations in its long-term legal services and can accurately understand financial regulations, and policies and discover their changing trends. Moreover, in the process of practice, attorneys of Hylands’ Banking and Financial Business Team actively participated in and explored the frontier business model, systematically arranged and summarized the relevant business, and accumulated rich practical experience in banking and non-banking financial legal services, making them take the leading position in the industry in terms of business level and ability.

The attorneys of Hylands’ Banking and Financial Business Team graduated from first-class law schools at home and abroad, with a profound understanding of legal theory and rich practical experience. They have provided extensive and in-depth legal services for many clients at home and abroad, and have won widespread praise.