Hylands assists in the issuance of Zhongyingwanjia 2019 Personal Housing Mortgage Loan ABS Project Phase IV


Zhongyingwanjia 2019 Personal Housing Mortgage Loan ABS Project Phase IV was successfully issued in the national inter-bank bond market on October 17, 2019, with the Bank of China Limited as the initiator and principal and CCB Trust Co. Ltd. as the trustee and issuer. The issue size of the project was CNY 7,191,886,600, of which the coupon rate of Senior A-1 ABS was 3.19%, Senior A-2 ABS 3.37%, and Senior A-3 ABS 3.80%. Hylands Law Firm provided legal services throughout the project, and the project was jointly undertaken by a team led by the partner and attorney Weiyong CHEN and attorney Mei QIU and composed of attorneys Mengqi SHI and Ao WANG.

Attorneys of Hylands Law Firm have rich legal service experience and a high level of theoretical research in asset securitization. They are familiar with the transaction structure and process of asset securitization can design legal solutions for each link in asset securitization business according to different situations and are good at the overall arrangement of legal structure and the preparation of relevant legal documents.

As one of the earliest law firms involved in asset securitization business in China, Hylands Law Firm, for many years, has provided full-course legal services for banks, other non-banking financial institutions, and large enterprises in terms of products, including credit asset securitization, special asset-backed plan of stock exchanges, and transfer of usufruct project of the Banking Credit Assets Registration and Circulation Center. The legal services mainly included the design of transaction structure, conducting due diligence, legal risk warning, the establishment of asset access standards, drafting and modification of transaction documents, issuance of due diligence reports and special legal opinions, etc.