Social Responsibility


On January 17, 2020, the cooperation signing ceremony of Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare - Trainee Lawyer Service Plan was held at the Judicial Bureau of Changping District. Qiumei Jia, deputy director of the Public Legal Service Management Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice, Hongsheng Xie, secretary-general of the Beijing Legal Aid Foundation, Yu Sun, deputy director of the Changping District Justice Bureau, Yang Wei, partner and member of the management committee of Beijing Hylands, lawyer  Wenhao Dong and representatives of trainee lawyers attended the signing ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Deputy Director Yu Sun.


Signing Ceremony

At the ceremony, a leader from Changping District Justice Bureau introduced the context of trainee lawyers’ legal aid work. The Beijing Legal Aid Foundation and the Changping District Judicial Bureau signed a project cooperation agreement on the Trainee Lawyer Service Plan. The signing of this agreement marked the launch of the program and a big step in the Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare project.


 Wenhao Dong, Member of the Management Committee and Partner of Hylands

At the ceremony, lawyer Wenhao Dong said that the The Trainee Lawyer Service Plan can provide trainee lawyers with a platform for practice, and enable them to better serve the people in the Huilongguan-Tiantongyuan area. The donations are only the beginning of embarking on the journey of legal aid. As the initiator and support unit of the Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare project, we will continue to contribute resources, time, and wisdom to promote and implement the plan and project, thus accelerating the construction of the public legal service system in our city, and facilitate the legal aid public work and charitable affairs.


 Qiumei Jia, deputy director of the Public Legal Service Management Division of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice

Deputy Director Qiumei Jia praised Beijing Hylands for their decision to make donation. She pointed out that the Trainee Lawyer Service Plan will mobilize trainee lawyers to participate in legal aid work, cultivate trainee lawyers' public service awareness, and develop an effective legal aid reserve team. The plan is a specific process to implement the requirements of the leaders of the Municipal Bureau of Justice. She urged all parties involved in the cooperation to strengthen support and implement the project effectively.

Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare - Beijing Legal Aid Volunteer Plan was officially launched on October 24, 2019. This public welfare project can be divided into several key plans including the trainee lawyer service plan, campus plan, bring law to community plan, justice and rights protection assistance plan, Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare promotion plan, legal talent training plan, volunteer team recruitment plan, remote areas support plan and so on. The project aims to promote the spirit of the rule of law, cultivate outstanding legal reserve talents, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of disadvantaged groups, and ensure social fairness and justice.

Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare

Hylands Legal Aid for Public Welfare is a noteworthy initiative to imbibe the essence of General Secretary Jinping Xi's visionary guidelines and implement decisions of the municipal party committee, the municipal government, and the Municipal Bureau of Justice. It represents the concept behind the educational activities on the theme of ‘never forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission’, and is an attempt to explore new ways of party building to play an important role in the development of the firm. It is a big step forward for the firm to strengthen its involvement in social welfare activities. This plan was selected for the 2019 photo memorabilia of the capital’s judicial administration. It will have a positive effect and influence on mobilizing lawyers, social forces, and students to actively participate in legal aid work, and will accelerate the construction of the city's public legal service system.


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