Social Responsibility


On December 13, 2021, the management committee meeting of Hylands Law Firm passed a resolution on the establishment of the Artwork and Art Industry Legal Affairs Center and Public Welfare and Charity Legal Affairs Center, which will be subordinate to the Hylands fortune sector.

Artwork and Art Industry Legal Affairs Center provides all-around legal services for the artwork and art industry, covering every aspect of the industry from teaching, scientific research, branding, and other art-related services. This center is managed by Hylands’ partner Dahui Yun. Lawyer Yun has been deeply involved in the art finance industry for many years and is familiar with every aspect of the industry, including teaching, scientific research, and practices. Lawyer Yun has advised several influential projects in the industry, of which many are of groundbreaking significance. Lawyer Yun’s team consists of legal experts in the art industry who have expertise in their respective practice fields. Lawyer Yun has also taken the lead in establishing a complete legal service system for artworks and the art industry. The aim of the Hylands Artwork and Art Industry Legal Affairs Center is to protect artists, collectors, and other stakeholders from legal risks, facilitate art inheritance, and promote industry development.

Hylands Public Welfare and Charity Legal Affairs Center was established to echo the initiative of the state to promote common prosperity and facilitate the third distribution. The center is under the guidance of Tianxin Hao and Ran Guo. This is one of the few initiatives that can provide full-process professional legal services for a charity project in China, where the charity legal services is still a niche market. The center focuses on providing customized comprehensive legal services for domestic and foreign non-profit organizations, enterprises, and high-net-worth individuals. It has cooperated with experts in the fields of charity legislation, law enforcement, justice, and practice at home and abroad, and is committed to promoting the comprehensive development of Chinese philanthropy.