Forest Program

It takes ten years to grow a tree and a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men. Hylands launched the Young Partner Support Program (Forest Program) in 2022 to support, empower and lead young partners all over the country. The program has great significance and role in promoting healthy, sustainable, and high-quality development of the firm. The Forest Program invites applications from suitable candidates in the first quarter of each year. Young partners from all the branches across the country can send their applications. The local personnel department collects these applications and submits them to the Partner Development and Assessment Committee of the National Board of Directors, which will report it to the National Board of Directors for review and appraisal, and finally choose the suitable candidates for young partners. These selected candidates can avail of various support schemes of the Program every year.

  • Platform publicity and salary incentive

    Platform publicity and salary incentive

    Tailor-made, unified, and batch-by-batch publicity and promotion activities will be carried out for young partners through online publicity channels such as the law firm's official website and WeChat public platform. Publicity should not only aim at the open market but also take into account small-scale precision marketing. Along with improving the popularity of young partners, we will also enhance the brand effect of the law firm, thus cultivating the professional brand image of Hylands' young partners.

  • Professional empowerment and talent promotion

    Professional empowerment and talent promotion

    Youth Working Committees have been set up in offices all over the country to recognize and improve the leading role of young partners. These Committees serve as a bridge to connect young lawyers in law firms and make greater contributions to the business development and development strategy of the firm. At the same time, branches from all over the country should set up management committees, and local management committees to ensure that two qualified young partners under the age of 45 participate in the management committees and join in the research and discussion of various management affairs of the firm. At the same time, young partners should be given priority in serving on platforms such as law societies, bar associations, and trade associations at all levels.

  • Resources, middle platform, and fund support

    Resources, middle platform, and fund support

    To ensure the rapid growth of young partners, various resources will be allocated to young partners, including but not limited to the professional redevelopment of client resources, redevelopment of client resources in different places, national linkage bidding, etc. In addition to that, qualified young partners will be given the option to select interns under Sapling Program.

  • Join us

    The Forest Program has been implemented since February 1, 2012, and the right of interpretation belongs to the National Board of Directors.

  • We want you to

    1. Agree with Hylands’ development concept, abide by Hylands’ management system, and have a strong cooperation spirit.
    2. Age below 45 years (inclusive) is preferred. Applicants who have a master’s degree or above in law from a well-known law school at home and/or abroad, have outstanding professional ability in at least one legal business field or industry field and have a reinforcing or filling role in the main business of the firm. Applicants who apply for admission as first-class partners but have the limited income-generating ability can enjoy preferential conditions for admission. At the same time, the performance appraisal of young partners under the age of 40 can be moderately relaxed.

CV Delivery

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