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The First Music Dalon of Hylands C Orchestra in 2022 - ‘Hello Mozart’ Classical Concert Successfully Held

2022 04 18

Basking in the sunshine of April, the first music salon of HYLANDS C Orchestra in 2022 and the classical concert ‘Hello Mozart’ were successfully held at 7:30 p.m. on April 15, 2022, in HYLANDS Beijing Concert Hall.


This classical concert, after HYLANDS C Orchestra, performed the classic movements of famous composers Bach, Vivaldi, and Grieg in the Baroque period, showcasing the development of classical music. This time, Mozart’s three representative works, which are called ‘the Big Three in the Classical Period’ together with Haydn and Beethoven, were selected, and the music works of the Classical Period were interpreted from notes on paper to movements in ears again, to experience the journey of classical music.





Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in a musical family in Salzburg, Austria in 1756. He is an Austrian composer in the classical period and one of the representatives of the Vienna Classical Music School. Mozart was known as the ‘child prodigy’ for his exceptional talent. He began to perform at the age of 5 and wrote his first symphony at the age of 8.  In his short life of 35 years, he has created more than 600 musical works in different forms.

This classical concert selected three works composed by Mozart- KV136, KV157, and KV525.

KV136, also known as Divertimento, was composed by Mozart at the age of 16 for his Italian tour. Divertimento was very popular music at the end of the 18th century, especially in Salzburg at that time, which was played for festivals or celebrations after dusk. The Divertimento composed by Mozart was full of distinctive Italian music style that was loved by people. The music is divided into three movements, classic Allegro, Andante, and Acetegro. The overall rhythm is bright and the melody is soft and beautiful, which quickly diminishes the distance between the audience and the performer and creates a world of music that is magical.

KV157, also known as String Quartet in C Major, was created in early 1773. It is the third piece of Mozart’s Milano Saxophone Quartet, and it is also a masterpiece created by Mozart when he lived in Italy. KV157 is a string quartet, and the chamber music ensemble version presented by HYLANDS C Orchestra has a better and more appropriate interpretation of the connotation of ‘everything begins’ represented by the ‘C’.

KV525, also known as Serenade for Strings, was created in 1787. Mozart wrote 13 serenades in his life, and Serenade for Strings is the most representative one, and the only one of Mozart’s serenades played by strings as a whole. Four of the original five movements were played this time, which is quite symphonic in style and momentum. Among them, the first movement of the music, even 235 years later, is still familiar to people, which can travel over time and guide the audiences to appreciate classical music from a bygone era.

The Encore repertoire features minuets and KV138 clips to pay tribute to the musical genius who lived nearly 300 years ago.

Attorney Hong LIU, Director of HYLANDS Law Firm, attorney Yu XU, Director of Management Committee, attorney Yipeng JIA, Executive Director, attorney Wenhao DONG, Deputy Director of Management Committee, attorney Miao ZHANG, attorney Guoguang ZHANG, attorney Zhitong ZHU, attorney Wenting LI and attorney Qiu QIU, Secretary of Party Branch, attended the concert to enjoy the classic melody and witness the audio-visual feast.




The organization and operation of HYLANDS C Orchestra solely depend on the joint efforts and selfless cooperation of every orchestra member. The members who didn’t perform on the stage undertook a lot of behind-the-scenes work. Everyone was practicing the spirit of friendship and mutual assistance of ‘mutual wingman, perfect cooperation, and common achievement of C position in the ‘C’.

HYLANDS C Orchestra refers to HYLANDS Law Firm’s operation and management concept, ‘musicians are autonomous’. It gives full play to lawyers’ professional characteristics and guarantees the daily operation of the orchestra through management documents such as the Articles of Association and Activity Rules. With the joint efforts of the ‘Youth League Committee’, which is organized by attorney Xu ZHANG, executive deputy head Dapeng SUN, deputy head Bokun SHI, member Cheng MA, attorney Yudong AI and secretary Xiangyi XU, the smooth functioning of the orchestra is ensured. The gracious music culture created by HYLANDS C Orchestra constantly attracts friends from all walks of life, and this noble endeavor creates a good brand reputation for HYLANDS Law Firm.



After nearly four years of its foundation, HYLANDS C Orchestra has gradually become a cultural card of HYLANDS Beijing Law Firm with strong support from the Management Committee and all colleagues. In addition to the busy and intense legal work, colleagues who love music and art find time to conduct performances that allows everyone to enjoy good music, forget their worries, nurture soft values and build a sense of togetherness. The unrelenting support of music reflects the cultural cohesion of HYLANDS Law Firm.



In 2022, HYLANDS C Orchestra will continue to conduct various music salon activities, including but not limited to performances of classical music, rock music, new folk music, folk songs, and other different music forms, and perform more classic and wonderful music works. I hope everyone will continue to support and enjoy a feast of good music in the coming months.