Cultural Events

Hylands National Day Classical Concert Ended Successfully

2021 09 29

At 7:30 p.m. on September 28, ‘Taste Baroque’-the National Day Classical Concert of HYLANDS Law Firm was held in the Air Concert Hall on the 11th floor of HYLANDS Law Firm.


Mr. Junfeng WANG, President of All China Lawyers Association and Chairman of the Global Management Committee of King & Wood Mallesons, Mr. Xuebing ZHANG, Vice President of All China Lawyers Association and Founding Partner of Zhong Lun Law Firm, Mr. Wei XIAO, Founding Partner and Management Committee Member of Junhe Law Firm, and Mr. Jiangtao MA, Senior Partner of Dentons Law Firm and Director of the Board of Directors of China and Beijing Headquarters, attended the concert.



It is also a great honor to invite Mr. Muhai TANG, an internationally renowned conductor, as the conductor for this HYLANDS National Day Classical Concert. As a student of Karajan, a master conductor of classical music, TANG is the only Chinese conductor who has won a Grammy Award, and enjoys the reputation of ‘the most internationally influential Chinese conductor in contemporary times’. He not only cooperated with Berlin Philharmonic many times, but also conducted more than 100 world-famous orchestras such as London Philharmonic and Paris Orchestra, and served as the chief conductor of the China National Symphony Orchestra.


The day of the concert marked the 2021 National Board Meeting of HYLANDS Law Firm and was close to National Day. HYLANDS Law Firm adhered to the professional, rigorous, realistic, and innovative career pursuit, and upheld the original intention of pursuing truth, kindness, and beauty, shared classical music that also pursues strict logic and structural aesthetics with the guests and friends who attended this celebratory moment.


Classical music and law have a high degree of homology in rigor, logic, and structure. HYLANDS hopes to play, appreciate and share classical music as part of HYLANDS’s brand culture, to deepen communication and understanding with people from all walks of life.


For this reason, since 2018, HYLANDS has established a comprehensive orchestra based on classical music, which can be freely combined into a symphony, chamber music, neoclassical rock music, jazz, new folk music, folk songs, and other musical expressions, and named ‘HYLANDS C Orchestra’. The members of ‘HYLANDS C Orchestra’ are young lawyers of HYLANDS. The letter ‘C’ has rich connotations. ‘C’, as the natural major at the beginning of music, embodies the simple, pure and solemn legal belief of HYLANDS and its lawyers; ‘C’ also represents that everyone in the orchestra has their C position, which reflects the courtesy and trust of HYLANDS staff.


‘Taste Baroque’-The repertoire of the National Day Classical Concert of HYLANDS Law Firm is Bach Violin concerto in A minor BWV 1041, London Fox Consort, Canon, Symphony No.9 in D Minor Choral Op.125: IV. Ode to Joy and My People, My Country.


The performance ended successfully. All the guests and colleagues who witnessed the performance appreciated the wonderful effort of ‘The HYLANDS C Orchestra’, expressed warm congratulations to all the performers, and looked forward to meeting them again for a different concert at the HYLANDS.