Hylands Assists Beijing Vistel Technology Co., Ltd. in Completing Nearly RMB 100 Million Series B Financing


Recently, Beijing Vistel Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Vistel”), a company served by the legal team of Milan WANGFEI from Hylands Law Firm, successfully completed a Series B financing of nearly RMB 100 million. The series of financing was led by Qiming Venture Partners which focuses on TMT and healthcare investments, and followed by Redhill Capital, a medical specialty fund focusing on innovative medical technology. This round of financing will be mainly applied to team expansion, product development, clinical project registration and market expansion to further strengthen the medical technology power of the Company. As the legal counsel who provided legal services to Vistel at the inception of Vistel, Hylands Law Firm has successfully assisted Vistel in its Series A financing and has also provided quality legal services throughout this Series B financing. The scope of services includes transaction structure design, transaction negotiation, due diligence assistance, drafting, reviewing and revising various transaction documents, and assisting in completing the signing of transaction documents and project delivery. The Project was managed by Partner Milan WANGFEI, assisted by team member Yiling CHEN.

Established in 2016 by former Intel Executive Sun Yuhui and researcher Ding Dayong, Vistel is dedicated to providing AI and smart ophthalmic hardware-engineered solutions in disease screening and diagnosis by collaborating with excellent ophthalmic medical teams. With distinguished commercialization capabilities, Vistel delivers convenient disease prevention and control services to a wide range of populations via end-to-end partnerships with public hospitals, private healthcare, medical checkup centers, optometric centers, insurance companies and retail pharmacies. With superior technology, Vistel has also taken the lead in reaching out to the international market by cooperating with the French company Luneau Technology and has taken this opportunity to enter optometric centers and pharmacies in Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries, thereby becoming the first medical AI company in China that has gone abroad to the EU market and achieved commercialization.