Hylands Assists NEXCOM International to Enter the Track of Network Security of RMB 100 Billion Level


Recently, NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "NEXCOM International"), a regular client served by Hylands legal team over the years, has been acquired by Dahao Technology (603025), a listed company with a state-owned background, for 60% of its shares. With the support of state-owned capital, NEXCOM International is expected to integrate rapidly into the large-scale market of the information creation industry and become an impactful leader within the network security hardware industry. 

NEXCOM International features hardware design and underlying software development capabilities for the full range of CPU platforms with architectures such as X86/ARM, as well as operating systems such as Windows/Linux/Vxworks/Android, so as to provide customers with instant solutions and services. The Company is one of the global strategic partner vendors of Intel SD-WAN White Box, and has been continuously shortlisted for industry procurement projects by Ali Cloud, China Mobile, China Telecom, etc. Furthermore, it has established in-depth cooperation relationship with Loongson, Feiteng and Zhaoxin, and has long served domestic network security headquarter enterprises such as Venustech, Sangfor, Nsfocus, H3C and Ruijie Networks. With the promulgation and implementation of important regulations and policies such as the Network Security Law, network security has been elevated to the height of national strategy. This acquisition is a partnership of strengths that is conducive to responding to national policies, making full use of synergy effects, using the advantages of capital resources of the listed company and the conversion of state-controlled position to turn NEXCOM International into an influential leader in the network security hardware industry, and assisting NEXCOM International to enter the track of network security of RMB 100 billion level. 

Qun XIAO, Partner of Hylands, and He GAO and Yaqi YUE, Lawyers of Hylands have been appointed as the Standing Legal Advisors of NEXCOM International to provide professional legal services for NEXCOM International and its special projects.