Hylands Acted as Legal Counsel for the Film Skyfire

The film Skyfire produced by Youth Future Film and Television (Foshan) Co., Ltd., Asia Pacific Future Film and Television (Beijing) Co., Ltd., etc. is released nationwide on December 12. Hylands partners Xiao Qun, Li Zhengning, and lawyer Li Jie, as the legal counsel for the film, provided a full range of personalized legal services for the film covering financing, production, publicity and release, and commercial operations.

Skyfire is China’s first visual effect disaster action movie on the theme of volcano, directed by Mr. Simon West and produced and presented by Ms. Dong Wenjie. The film speaks of the extreme challenges during volcanic eruptions and the story of love, power and courage shown by the Chinese people.

The key members of the working group are Xiao Qun, Li Zhengning, Li Jie.

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