Hylands Provided Legal Services for Salute to Chinese Heroes Program

Large-scale interview variety show Salute to Chinese Heroes (politics and law) by Jiangsu Satellite TV and Tencent Video premiered on May 24th. The program was produced by the Political and Law Comprehensive Governance Information Center of the CPC Central Committee’s Political and Law Commission and the Hunan Provincial CPC Committee’s Political and Law Commission, and is recommended by mainstream news media such as chinapeace.gov.cn, people.cn, and CCTV News. In the program, well-known stars including Ren Dahua, Wu Zun, Lin Yongjian, Wan Qian, and Zhang Lanxin, as “the hero recorders”, interviewed outstanding representatives of government and legal fields including Zhang Baoguo, Zhang Shaohua, Fan Jinsong, Chen Shaohua, and Zhang Biao. The program narrates the real stories of heroes in a light-hearted way to praise the legendary heroes, convey the heroic spirit, and pay homage to Chinese heroes!

As the legal counsel for this program, Hylands provided a full range of legal services for the program, including but not limited to the drafting and revision of agreements on program planning, costume design, production, and distribution, and providing legal advice on legal issues during the production.

Lawyers in charge of this project include Wen Zhichun, Wei Lina and Ling Mingxia of Hylands Changsha Office.