Hylands Provided Legal Services for Chengdu Better City Club in Promotion to China League One

Chengdu Better City beat Yunnan Kunlu by 2:0 on September 28, 2019. In the China League Two season, Chengdu Better City got the passport to Chinese League One matches with the impressive performance of the top player in the southern region, and the lowest number of goals against in the entire China League Two season.

A service team led by lawyers Wang Lei and Liu Xin, the partners of Hylands, was established. Through high-frequency close contacts with Chengdu Better City Football Club and its internal institutions and divisions, the team provided professional views, suggestions and services regarding the governance structure of the club, labor, external cooperation, team building, public relations, emergency, etc., contributing to the promotion of Chengdu Better City Club to China League One.

Chengdu Better City Football Club is founded by Chengdu Better City Investment Group. In order to revitalize football event in Chengdu, restore the reputation of Chengdu as a “city of gold medals”, and realize the ambitious goal of “entering China League Two in 1 year, China League One in 3 years, and Super League in 5 years”, the club, since its inception, has realized that the strength of the club depends on the all-round improvement, rather than an improvement on the capabilities of individual players or technology alone.

During the club’s open bidding for the selection of permanent legal counsel in early 2019, Hylands Chengdu Office stood out from 13 law firms to become the permanent legal counsel for Chengdu Better City Football Club tanks to its mature experience in serving the sports industry, sound service programs and professional team support.

For the subsequent promotion of the club to Super League, Hylands will continue to uphold the working principles of professionalism, prudence and “customer first” to provide the Club with efficient and high-caliber legal service by virtue of its excellent professional performance and rich practical experience.