Hylands Nanjing Office Included in the External Lawyers Pool of Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank

Hylands Nanjing Office was recently included in the external lawyer pool of Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank thanks to its outstanding performance and reputation following its inclusion in the external lawyer pool of Nanjing Branch.

In this project, lawyers Mao Lingxiao, Sun Juan, Zhou Jian, Li Desheng, and Mei Dan, who are the core team members of Hylands Nanjing Office’s Banking and Financial and Securities Affairs Division, provided all-round professional legal services for Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank.

As one of China’s top large-scale high-end law firms offering comprehensive services in commercial cases, Hylands has always been included in the rankings by domestic and foreign legal service rating agencies. Drawing on the advanced management experience of domestic and foreign law firms, Hylands Nanjing Office sets up an integrated management service platform to become a professional law firm. The law firm gives full play to the advantages in hardware, soft power, team, resources, professionalism, etc., to make the professional division of labor, and optimize and allocate resources flexibly. Thanks to the cooperation, complementary advantages, and knowledge and resources sharing of the teams, lawyers gain a systematic idea of legal business service, have outstanding performance in the profession, and also have a comprehensive and deep understanding of the industries they serve.

The Banking and Financial and Securities Affairs Division of Hylands Nanjing Office focuses on finance-related legal services, and has amassed rich experience in such areas as banking, trust, finance, private equity funds, bond issuance, capital and securities, family wealth management and inheritance, and dispute resolution and litigation during its long-term services for many large financial institutions. The firm has an accurate grasp of financial regulations, policies and their changing trends, and participates in and explores leading business models. With rich practical experience in the provision of legal services for banking and non-banking finance sectors, it is an industry leader in terms of business competence and capabilities. The law firm is committed to providing Chinese and foreign customers with the quality, professional research results, practical experience and legal services in the finance field.

Profile of Hengfeng Bank

Formerly known as Yantai Housing Savings Bank which was established in 1987 with the consent of the State Council and the approval of the People’s Bank of China, Hengfeng Bank became the 11th joint-stock commercial bank in China in 2003 with the approval of the People’s Bank of China headquarters and China Banking Regulatory Commission. By implementing the core values ​​of “persistence for success, virtue for abundance”, Hengfeng Bank ranks seventh among national commercial banks in terms of comprehensive competence rankings and among top three national joint-stock commercial banks according to China Banking Association. It ranks fifth among Asian banks according to the Competitiveness Research Report of Asian Banks.

Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank, a first-level branch of the Bank, was approved by China Banking Regulatory Bureau on December 30, 2015, and officially commenced operations on April 29, 2016, becoming the 10th national joint-stock commercial bank in Henan Province. Since its inception, in line with the strategic positioning and development plan of the headquarters and the requirements of the head office for sound “local performance”, in conjunction with Henan province’s overall layout of “economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress” and the strategy of “four-pronged comprehensive strategy”, Zhengzhou Branch continues to step up efforts to provide financial services according to Henan province’s development strategy of “good progress in four aspects”, “decisive victory in three critical battles”, the construction of “three districts and one cluster”, and advance in reform, development and innovation, with a view to contributing to healthy and rapid development of local economy and society.

In 2017, Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank was rated “A” in its first participation in the annual assessment of the implementation of regulations on foreign exchange management by nearly 30 authorized banks for dealing in foreign exchange under the jurisdiction of Henan Branch of State Administration of Foreign Exchange. In the comprehensive evaluation of the payment settlement and clearing business by the Zhengzhou Branch of the People’s Bank of China in 2017, Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank was rated as an advanced bank in terms of payment settlement (one of four award-winning joint-stock banks). It was awarded the title of level-A bank in the comprehensive evaluation of RMB management work by Henan banking financial institutions in 2017. In 2017, Zhengzhou Branch of Hengfeng Bank was awarded such titles as “2017 Zhengdong New District 100 Enterprises for Outstanding Contribution to Economic Development”, “2017 Advanced Unit for Tax Payment”, and “Top 100 Enterprises for Honest Tax Payment” issued by Zhengzhou New District Administration Committee of Zhengzhou and Zhengdong New District State Taxation Administration.

The registered capital of Hengfeng Bank increased from 11.2 billion yuan to 111.2 billion yuan on March 30, 2020. The 100-billion-yuan private placement means that Hengfeng Bank, after the completion of market-oriented reform, has significantly greater capital strength, which is of great significance for Hengfeng Bank in the course of reform.