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Practices:Capital Markets | Corporate & Investment | Intellectual Property| Dispute Resolution
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Basic information


1995-1999|Wuhan University Economics Bachelor of Economics

2000-2003|Wuhan University Economic Law Master of Economic Law

2003-2004|Liverpool University | International Economic and Commercial Law, LLM

Work Experience

2005-2007|Lawyer Orient Kunlun Law Firm Shanghai Office

2007-2016|Executive Director of Orient Law Firm Shanghai Office|Partner

2016-2018|Orient Kunlun Law Firm|Partner

2018-Present|Hylands Law Firm|Partner

Professional Qualification

2005|Lawyer license in China

2004|Member of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators UK

2012-2016|The Qualification Certificate for consultation services of confidential business, accredited by the Certification Eligibility Center of Military Security Qualification

Representative Cases

WANG Shoujian particularly focuses on legal services concerning corporations (including foreign investment), securities and capital market (including IPO), litigation and arbitration business, intellectual property right and real estate. He has accumulated rich experience and expertise in the aforementioned areas. WANG Shoujian has represented a number of large enterprises in their lawsuit and arbitration over important legal affairs. Some of the most representative cases WANG Shoujian engaged in are listed below:

• Acquisition of RMB 58 billion of CGB’s Non-performing asset by Guangdong Yuecai Investment Holding (GFIH) Co., Ltd.

• IPO project of Jiangsu Skyray Instrument Co., Ltd

• Split-share reform of SGSB

• B&Q’s investment, acquisition and rental of the large-size real estate in Wuxi and Shaoxing and establishment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises

• Transferring and underwriting of the Bank of Communications stocks held by Jilin Guanghua Holing Group Co., Ltd.

• Publicizing Public Notice for Assertion Claims of Bekaert (Shandon) Steel Cord Co., Ltd.

• Representing China Crown Textile Co., Ltd. in a dispute case over trade contract against a Shandong-based textile company

• An investment project of a Shanghai-based aviation technology company in the Taihu Hydroport project in Zhejiang

• IPO Project of Guangdong Development and Industrial Co., Ltd

• IPO Project of Nanjing Quanxin Cable Technology Co., Ltd

• Takeover and Merger Project of Nanjing Quanxin Cable Technology Co., Ltd

• Representing in a Copyright dispute between Tudou. Com and a Beijing-based film company

• Representing Xiamen Internet Café Association in a series of Copyright infringement litigation relating to Xiamen Internet Café Association

• Debt-Collecting cases of Shanghai Branch of China Minsheng Bank


Author of Project Management (written in English), published on the website of the International Chamber of Commerce

The lawyer, WANG Shoujian drafted the Law and Regulation part of the research project Information Resource Development and Utilization for China’s Futures Exchanges, a project led by China Securities Regulatory Commission (ministerial level)

Legal Research on Asset Securitization and SPV Setting, WANG Shoujian, published on Guangxi Social Science, 2004

Regulation on Director’s Self-Dealing and Law Amendment, WANG Shoujian, published on Wuhan University Postgraduate Journal, 2003

Is It Legal to Download MP3 Files Online? , WANG Shoujian and SHI Xueqing, published on China Copyright, 2003

Thinking on Formulating the Household Registration Law, WANG Shoujian and AI Chuantao, published on Administration and Legal System, 2002