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Basic information

Education Background

1998-1999|Harvard Law School|Visiting scholar at Harvard Law School, specializing on Corporation and Investment Law

1994-1997|Law School of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China|Doctor of Law (International Economic Law)

1980-1987|Law School of Wuhan University, Wuhan, China|Master of Law (Public International Law) and Bachelor of Law (Major in Law)

Work Experience

2019-present|Hylands Law Firm|Partner

1998-2019|Kunlun Law Firm|Executive Partner and Director


Guangdong Economic and Trade Law Firm|Vice Director, Financial Real Estate Department

Guangdong Continent Law Firm|Partner

Department of Land and Resources of Guangdong Province|Vice Director, Guangdong Real Estate Legal Consultation Center

1987-1993|Guangdong Wanbao Import and Export Company|Vice Director, Trade Development Department

Professional Qualification

1994|Chinese Lawyer License

Representative Cases

· Litigation of Zhongcheng Square real estate project

TheZhongchengSquarewasoriginallyarealestateprojectofGuangzhouPengchengRealEstateCo.,Ltd.,aSino-foreign cooperative enterprise jointly organized by Guangzhou Urban Construction and Development Group Co., Ltd. and (Hong Kong) Gangpeng Development Co., Ltd. After the Urban Construction Company withdrew from cooperation, the company changed to Gangpeng Company and operated independently. All share transfer fees payable by Gangpeng Company to Urban Construction Company were in the form of delivery of real estate with corresponding construction area of Zhongcheng Square Project., and agreed in 19 real estate pre-sale contracts.

Due to Pengcheng's inability to develop, Zhongcheng Square became the largest “unfinished project” known in China. The Urban Construction Company sued and demanded that Pengcheng Company continue to perform the real estate pre-sale contract and compensate for economic losses. The subject matter of the lawsuit was nearly 700 million yuan. The case was tried four times by the Guangdong Higher People's Court and the Supreme People's Court over the past ten years. In the end, the Supreme People's Court ruled that the Urban Construction Group won all the cases. Our team represented the Urban Construction Group in the first

and second instance litigation.

· Representing Guangzhou Bluemoon Industrial Co.,Ltd. in a series of lawsuits with Wang Hai and others

Intheincidentof“FluorescentBrightener”,WangHaiandYeMaoliangfiledaseriesoflawsuitswithGuangzhouBlueMoon Industrial Co., Ltd. in various places across China and widely publicized that Bluemoon’s products contained carcinogens. We actively respond and won cases on behalf of Bluemoon. As a counter measure, we started reputation infringement lawsuits against Wang Hai and the court ruled that Wang Hai’s actions constituted infringement.

· Representing Zhang Keqiang, a well-known entrepreneur in Guangdong and former NPC member

Mr.Zhangwaschargedwithfraudintheamountof4.4billionyuan.Thecasewasclassifiedas"Thelargestlossofstate-owned assets since the founding of the People's Republic of China. " Participating in the defense of other defendants in this case were well-known criminal counsel Yang Jinzhu, Liu Hule, Ma Jun and others.

· Representing Mr. Ren, the former vice president of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd, in his criminal case

· Representing Guangdong Utrust Asset Management Co., Ltd. in declaring claims to Hantang Securities Managers

· Representing Professor Zou Hengfu in the case of Peking University v. Zou Hengfu infringing on the right to reputation

Fullyexpressedthedefinitionoflegitimateplaintiffoftheadministrativeorgan’srightofreputation,andthelegalprotectionforthe right to criticize of citizens.

Honors & Evaluation

2018.12|Guangzhou Civil and Commercial Law Outstanding Contribution Award

2018.09|Contribution Award for 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up

2017.09|Excellent Proposal Award|The establishment of national databases of foreign law and international law honor, 12th CPPCC National Committee

2014-2018|Call for the abolition of the detaining education system|Propsed constitutional review on the system of detaining education and obtained a positive respond by the Legislative Affairs Commission, During the NPC & CPPCC in 2018; The Standing Committee of the NPC has made a formal decision to abolish the system of detaining education in Decemeber 2018

Social Activity

Member of the CPPCC

Vice Chairman of All China Lawyers Association

Member of the Research Advisory Committee of the CPPCC of Guangdong Province

Special Supervision of the Supreme People's Court

Member of the Selection Committee of Judge Prosecutors of Guangdong Province

Vice President of Guangdong European and American Alumni Association


2006|Rights of Citizens,Law Press China|Identified by the Law Press as the recommended reading for the national Fifth-Five-Year Plan of popularization of the law.

2006|Corporate Governance Rules: Analysis and Suggestion (2-volumes), co-translated by ZHU Zhengfu and LOU Jianbo, Law Press China

2004|Contract Issues in Real Estate Development and Operation, co-written by ZHU Zhengfu, HE Haidong and HE Yuping, Law Press China

2001|Legal Issues of Real Estate Project Companies,Law Press China

1999|A New Probe into China's Foreign Economic Legal Issues, edited by Yu Jinsong, and Dr. ZHU Zhengfu wrote the ninth Chapter, Wuhan University Press