Jessie RUI | Partner
Practices:Corporate & Investment | Banking and Financial Services | Fund Management & Asset Management | Bankruptcy and Reorganization, and Special Assets Disposition
Telephone:+86 10 6502 8700/8888
Fax:+86 10 6502 8866
Working Language:Chinese | English

Basic information


1999-2003 | China University of Political Science and Law | Bachelor | Law

2004-2006 | Renmin University of China | Master | Law

Work Experience

2007-2009 | CP Pharmaceutical Group | Executive Manager

2009-2015 | Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm | Partner

2015-2016 | Beijing Zhongtou Law Firm | Partner

2017- | Beijing Hylands Law Firm | Partner

Professional Qualification

2009 | Lawyer’s License People’s Republic of China

Representative Cases

2018-Present | Project of bankruptcy reorganization and market-oriented debt-to-equity for Bohai Steel Group

2018-Present | Project of market-oriented debt-to-equity for Chengtong Lakeshore to Hengqi Holding Group

2018-Present | Project of Film Fund Investment for China Investment and Financing Guarantee Co., Ltd.

2018-Present | Project of debt-to-equity for Agricultural Bank Financial Assets Investment Co., Xinyi Group

2017-2018 | Project of bankruptcy reorganization and market-oriented debt-to-equity for Lu Tianhua Group

2017-2018 | Project of bankruptcy reorganization and market-oriented debt-for-equity for Xinneng Biopower Co., Ltd. ,Liuzhou

2017 | Project of acquisition for Lanxing Chemical New Materials Co. in Nanking

2016-2017 | Project of listing on National Equities Exchange and Quatations for Chishui Haoshenghuo

2015 | Porject of reorganization for Temasek, a Singapore company, invested in China domestic engineering design companies

2015 | Project of Joint Venture in China for Taiwan Yuanfu Securities;

2014-2016 | Projects of Perfect China invested in South Africa, Bulgaria, Chile

2014-2015 | Project of Joint venture for MBtech Group GmbH & Co. KGaA, and BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd.

2013-2016 | Legal Adviser, United Airlines of China

2012-2013 | Project of Taiwan Netcom Technology invested in and set up an electronic technology enterprise

2012-2013 | Legal Adviser, Nokia Siemens Limited

2012-2016 | Legal Adviser, Perfect China Limited

2011 | Financing Projects for Moka World to Tencent, SIG and Ceyuan Ventures

2011 | Project of New Development Capital invested in Yon Ho

Honors & Evaluation

As a lawyer, Jessie’s high sense of responsibility and service awareness, with a wealth of professional experience, can provide reliable legal service and support for clients in various projects; Jessie has taken part in and hosted a number of large-scale bankruptcy reorganization projects, market-oriented debt-to-equity projects, and investment merger and reorganization projects. Her rich experience has laid a solid foundation for helping clients to cope with various legal problems. Jessie, with the company's management experience, makes her good at providing effective and efficient advice in legal risk prevention and control, and guidance for various types of projects and daily operations for companies.