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Family Wealth Management & Inheritance
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Family Wealth Management & Inheritance
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  • Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

The family wealth management and inheritance business is a professional legal service sector of Hylands in response to the huge market demand for family wealth management and inheritance business as the Chinese economy grows rapidly and the number of high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) in China mushrooms. In keeping with the long history and stable development of Hylands, the team has all-round coordination, professionalism and high efficiency according to the characteristics and needs of each case. They amass experience and gain professional knowledge in long-term practice to form a complete mature service system. By gaining an understanding of the clients’ asset status and their expectations and needs, the professional team provides consulting services on wealth protection and inheritance and formulates targeted solutions, and makes timely adjustments according to the needs of clients and families as well as changes to the objective circumstances. At present, the family wealth management and inheritance business team has forged long-term and stable cooperative relations with institutions in asset management, banking, insurance, trust, immigration, overseas studies, property purchase and notarization as well as law firms in major developed countries worldwide, and can provide wide-ranging and comprehensive legal services according to client needs.

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Industry Sectors

  • ※ To provide legal services related to property management planning and inheritance, transaction execution, transaction trust as well as comprehensive resource coordination services for families whose assets are located in China, family businesses, and high-net-worth individuals, including those with Chinese nationality or foreign nationality.
  • Practice Areas

  • ▪ Comprehensive planning services: strategic consulting and planning, top-level overall planning of assets, overseas planning and layout of assets.

  • ▪ Legal services on asset management: legal risk assessment and IP risk assessment on cash asset investment, holding and investment of real estate, art investment, etc., as well as systematic planning and execution of various transactions.

  • ▪ Legal services on family business management: risk assessment of families and family businesses and establishment of risk control system, family business equity and governance structure design and arrangement, pre-listing planning of family businesses in China, tax planning for family businesses, crisis of families and family businesses, disposal of difficult situations, pre-migration planning of family members, etc.

  • ▪ Legal services on family property preservation and wealth inheritance: planning of pre-marriage and marital agreement for family members, legal risk assessment of family trust, trust contract review, protector appointment and dispute resolution, insurance policy for large amount, legal risk assessment of trusts, contract review, assistance in policy claims and dispute resolution, estate planning of family members, design, guidance and implementation of wealth preservation and inheritance programs, testamentary executor and dispute resolution, family member dispute resolution and asset preservation.

  • ▪ Family governance services: establishment of family governance structure, family constitution drafting, legal services on establishment and operation of family fund, establishment of family charity trust and appointment of supervisors, establishment and supervision of family governance system.
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