Practice Areas

Industrial Sectors

Health Industry
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property
  • WTO/International Trade
  • Banking and Financial
  • Capital Markets and Securities
  • Competition & Anti-trust
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Fund Management and Asset Management
  • Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Belt and Road/FDI
  • Tax Law
Health Industry
  • Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)
  • Health Industry
  • Energy, Infrastructure & Natural Resources
  • Automobile & Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Health Industry

Hylands Health Industry Legal Service is China’s only professional service provider that specializes in the legal, financial and consulting background of the health industry. It has participated in the drafting of domestic health industry legislation, and formulated and implemented the health industry development policy. Hylands has established sound cooperative relationship with the local government and become a government think tank. Hylands health legal service is geared to the good development of the health industry, and connects and matches the high-quality resources of all parties in the ecological chain, providing all-round services for the government and enterprises in the health undertaking.

Service Area

Practice Areas

  • ※ Application of medical technology(cell technology) ※ Medical equipment
  • ※ Imported medicines
  • ※ Investment in massive health industry
  • ※ Health industry architecture design and IPO
  • ※ Access and cooperation of foreign medical institutions ※ Application for medical projects
  • ※ Medical insurance
  • ※ Medical operation and hospital construction
  • Service

  • ※ Government
  • ▪ Conduct research on industry prospects to advise the government on decision-making regarding the industry development
  • ▪ Conduct research on industrial policies and regulations to provide advice for the government on formulating industrial policies
  • ▪ Conduct research on industry management to provide advice for the government on the construction of the industry management system

  • ※ Industrial Park
  • ▪ Provide advice on the industrial planning, layout and management system of industrial parks
  • ▪ Provide advice on the formulation and implementation of the investment promotion policy of parks
  • ▪ Provide suggestions for the research on industrial development, development strategy formulation, and resource matchmaking in the parks

  • ※ Enterprise/institutions
  • ▪ Provide information on development status, industrial policy, and development layout of the massive health industry, identify tailor-made investment directions, form framework investment plans, and provide suggestions and support
  • ▪ Select the matching industrial parks and implement park projects, and provide full services
  • ▪ Provide “business service model” services during the whole lifecycle(including: project planning and design, project capital structure, project engineering construction and management, configuration of operating teams, application for qualification licenses, operation management and construction)
  • ▪ Expansion and development of the massive health field, including the expansion of other subsidiary fields, such as international cooperation, industrial integration, and enterprise transformation
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