Practice Areas

Industrial Sectors

Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property
  • WTO/International Trade
  • Banking and Financial
  • Capital Markets and Securities
  • Competition & Anti-trust
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Fund Management and Asset Management
  • Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Belt and Road/FDI
  • Tax Law
Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)
  • Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)
  • Health Industry
  • Energy, Infrastructure & Natural Resources
  • Automobile & Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)

Based on Hylands’ rich experience in traditional IP legal services, Hylands’ Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)team is growing and expanding. Its core partners are the first professional lawyers in China who provide services for the entertainment & media and Internet sectors. With over 15 years of legal experience, they have witnessed its early commercial transition to rapid development in recent years.

Hylands TMT team is particularly skillful at handling complex legal issues related to IP operations, business building, investment and financing, new business development, and dispute resolution, and can provide customized and product-type legal services for clients. The team solves various legal problems that clients may encounter in business development in an all-round, efficient and quality manner.

Over the years, Hylands TMT team has been rated as a leading law firm in this field by leading legal rating agencies such as Chambers. Hylands’ lawyers in TMT business include nearly ten partners, and dozens of practicing lawyers and counsels with rich practical experience, providing legal services for nearly 100 well-known clients at home and abroad. The team has high visibility in the legal market.

“Hylands has been the focus of attention for its IP expertise in the media, culture and entertainment sectors. It specializes in different transactions such as equity acquisitions, financing and investments, as well as related disputes. Key clients include Internet companies, media groups, film production companies and stars, etc.”————Chambers 2018 in the Service Area

Service Area

Practice Areas

  • ※ Movie/TV/animation and cartoon and variety shows
  • ※ Online movie(drama)
  • ※ Artist brokers/brokers of internet celebrities
  • ※ E-sports, games
  • ※ Physical education
  • ※ Performances
  • ※ Music
  • ※ News and publishing
  • ※ Broadcasting and radio
  • ※ Theater and theater chain
  • ※ Internet audio-visual platform related services
  • ※ E-commerce, O2O
  • ※ AI innovation business
  • ※ Network security and information protection
  • Service

  • ※ Legal services in the field of investment and financing in the entertainment and media industry
  • ※ Legal services in domestic and foreign movie and television(including animation)
  • ※ Legal services in Internet movie and television drama
  • ※ Legal services in artist brokerage and brokerage of internet celebrities
  • ※ Legal services in music and records
  • ※ Legal services in publishing
  • ※ Legal services in Internet audiovisual content
  • ※ Legal services in webcast and network innovation business model
  • ※ Legal services in live broadcasting /relay broadcasting of sports events, and sports related industry
  • ※ Legal services in games and e-sports
  • ※ Legal services in commodity and marketing in entertainment and media industry
  • ※ Planning of performance and large events, investment and financing, business operations
  • ※ Legal services in theme park planning, investment and financing, construction, operations, business development
  • ※ Research on legal policy of entertainment, sports, media, and Internet industries
  • ※ Legal services in tax planning and compliance in entertainment and media industry
  • ※ Legal services in cyber-security, information protection and compliance
  • ※ Legal services in protection of network data property rights and personal privacy protection
  • ※ Legal services in entrusted technology development, transfer of technological achievements and application
  • ※ Legal services in artificial intelligence, technological innovation, as well as right of personality and copyright protection
  • ※ Dispute resolution for entertainment & media and Internet sectors
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