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Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
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  • Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
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Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
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Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets

Bankruptcy reorganization and disposal of special assets is one of Hylands’ core strengths. The business scope includes legal services in bankruptcy, restructuring, disposal of special assets, financial creditor and market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps. By virtue of many years of development in the industry, Hylands lawyers adjust and promote the quality of legal services in the light of the trend of social and economic development, and have achieved remarkable achievements in this field. In providing legal services for many important with landmark projects, the lawyers play an active role and have won high praise from clients.

Compared to the traditional legal service business fields, the legal services in bankruptcy reorganization and special asset disposal have special demands for lawyers’ professional skills, extensive social resources, efficient service models and professional service quality, and require comprehensive service capabilities in asset investigation, fundraising, and asset disposal. This is one of the strengths of Hylands. Especially in special asset disposal, Hylands professional team of lawyers has amassed rich experience in business areas such as bankruptcy, restructuring, and market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps, and has won praise from clients for their professional high-quality services.

Service Area

Legal services for special assets disposal

  • Legal services in fund structure design, establishment of fund and filing, financing and provision of fund for disposal of special assets; legal services in due diligence, structure design, pricing valuation and text drafting for special asset investment and acquisition; legal services in package management, re-transfer, litigation and collection, evaluation and auction, and execution stage at the special asset management stage; legal services in external transfer, fund clearing, securitization and restructuring at the exit stage of special assets disposal; cross-border transactions of non-performing assets.
  • Legal services for bankruptcy and restructuring

  • Provide legal services as bankruptcy liquidation and bankruptcy reorganization administrators, or provide services for bankruptcy liquidation and bankruptcy reorganization administrators regarding enterprise bankruptcy liquidation or reorganization; provide legal services for bankruptcy reorganization and bankruptcy liquidation creditors regarding declaration and confirmation of creditor’s rights, formulation of claims, voting, and execution; provide legal services for bankruptcy and restructuring investors regarding due diligence of reorganized enterprises, design and negotiation of investment transaction structure, legal text drafting and execution; special services related to bankruptcy and restructuring of listed companies, including program compliance assessment, information disclosure, communication with exchanges and regulatory agencies, etc.
  • Legal services for market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps

  • Provide legal services to all participating entities (enterprises, creditors, implementing agencies, administrators, governments, investors, etc.) in market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps, including due diligence on target companies for market-oriented debt-to-equity swap; participate in the consultation and negotiation on market-oriented debt-to-equity swap plans, and drafting, reviewing and revision of legal texts related to market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps; participate in and assist the communication with relevant authorities in the process of market-oriented debt-to-equity swaps; provide legal advice on procedural compliance and plan feasibility; supervise and assist in the execution of market-oriented debt-to-equity swap plans.
  • Legal services for financial creditors/creditors’ committee

  • Assist financial creditors/creditors’ committee in conducting due diligence on target companies; assist financial creditors/creditors’ committee members in declaring creditor’s rights; assist financial creditors/creditors’ committee in formulating and revising restructuring/bankruptcy reorganization/reconciliation/liquidation schemes, and drafting, reviewing, and modifying relevant legal documents; advise financial creditors/creditors’ committee on compliance issues; assist financial creditors/creditors’ committee members in the approval of reorganization/bankruptcy reorganization/reconciliation/liquidation schemes; supervise and assist in the execution of reorganization/bankruptcy reorganization/reconciliation/liquidation schemes.
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