Practice Areas

Industrial Sectors

Banking and Financial
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Intellectual Property
  • WTO/International Trade
  • Banking and Financial
  • Capital Markets and Securities
  • Competition & Anti-trust
  • Corporate and M&A
  • Fund Management and Asset Management
  • Bankruptcy Reorganization and Disposal of Special Assets
  • Real Estate and Construction
  • Belt and Road/FDI
  • Tax Law
Banking and Financial
  • Entertainment & Media and Internet(TMT)
  • Health Industry
  • Energy, Infrastructure & Natural Resources
  • Automobile & Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Family Wealth Management & Inheritance

Banking and Financial

As one of the core areas of Hylands, the banking and financial services business covers routine compliance review, investment and financing deal structure design, credit structure construction, pre-project negotiation, due diligence, drafting of Chinese and English documents, and recommendations on state laws and regulations and policy. Banking and financial services business is placed under the complex legal and regulatory environment. Hylands has established a smooth communication channel with financial regulators and industry associations during long-term legal services and can have an accurate grasp of financial regulations, policies and their changing trends. In the course of practice, Hylands lawyers in the banking and financial service team actively participate in and explore the frontier business models, systematically comb through and summarize related businesses, and amass rich practical experience in the fields of financial legal services such as banking, insurance, trust, financial leasing, and asset securitization. Hylands lawyers are at the forefront of the industry in terms of professional skills and capability.

Hylands lawyers in the banking and financial service team who graduated from first-rate universities in China have profound legal theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. Thanks to a deep understanding of client needs, Hylands lawyers provide wide-ranging and in-depth legal services for clients at home and abroad, and have won wide acclaim.

Service Area


  • Provide routine consulting legal services for domestic and foreign commercial banks; asset-related areas such as international commercial credit, project financing, and syndicated loans; financing guarantee; letters of credit, collection, bills, factoring, service fees, etc.; crossover and combination of banking and non-banking financial institutions; non-performing asset disposal and other banking-related areas.
  • Trust

  • Provide clients with various types of legal services in trust, including: fund trusts, property trusts, fiduciary operations, investment fund trusts, corporate wealth management, project financing trusts, custodial trusts, trust loans and deposits, pension trusts, securities investment trusts, pension investment fund trusts, real estate trust investments, etc.
  • Insurance

  • Provide legal opinions on the establishment of insurance institutions, equity transfer, M&A; adjustment and document preparation for insurance company products and projects, unit-linked insurance, insurance coverage, after-sales insurance coverage and guarantee, company spin-offs and substandard asset transactions, innovative asset control strategies and unit architecture as well as financing arrangements for insurance companies (whether as borrowers or lenders), capital adequacy, and regulatory requirements for capital.
  • Financial leasing and commercial factoring

  • Provide full-process legal services for the establishment and M&A of financial leasing companies and commercial factoring companies, legal due diligence on related businesses, deal structure design, determination of financing leasing programs, deal document drafting, participation in business negotiations and dispute resolution.
  • Asset-backed securitization and like asset-backed securitization

  • Provide full-process legal services for various types of asset-backed security (ABS) (including credit asset securitization, corporate asset securitization, insurance asset securitization, ABN, Reits, etc.) and similar ABS products (including Pre-ABS, similar Reits, various types of structured products, property rights trusts, etc.), including legal due diligence, deal structure design, drafting and negotiation of transaction documents, assisting other intermediaries in providing relevant legal advice, and issuing legal opinions.
  • New financial services

  • Provide clients with legal services in such fields as third-party payment, and internet financial information; provide clients with legal services in the areas of inclusive finance and supply chain finance based on Internet technology; provide clients with legal services in data protection, digital assets and other financial services based on innovative technologies such as big data and blockchain, including chain transformation of brick-and-mortar enterprises, digital asset trading platform construction and compliance review, GDPR compliance audit, user data protection, corporate equity structure design and others.
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